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 Title : SCIENCE IN THE VEDAS Author : Mr Chailbiharilal Goyal

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There is unlimited knowledge for man given in the Vedas. But to our misfortune there was not a single learned person after the Mahabharata who could understand this knowledge and interpret it. Thus the Vedas were restricted to only worshipping and chanting them. The Indians were in this way deprived of their own knowledge. Every word and letter of the Vedas contains tremendous scientific information. We would like draw the attention of the scholars to the word "Jootam" which we have collected from the Vedas.

In Samaveda sage Kutsa has said in the Aya Pava Pavasvayna using the meter Trishtupa of God Sauma that the substance Jootam has motion and it gives wealth. In the traids of Samaveda 1104 to 1106 this is explained in detail and its properties are explained in context with earth and theories, principles are also given here. More explanation is found in Rigveda sections 9/91/55.

Sage Kakshivan has highlighted the theories of the substance "Jootam" in the sections 1/116/1 to 5 of Rigveda in the trishtupa meter of God Ashwin. It is mentioned here that this substance is of use in the science of war too.

In the sections 1/121/1 to 5 of Regveda Sage Paruchdepa has given theorems about the protection property of this substance through the meter Ashti of God Agni (Fire). The various uses of this substance alongwith Almighty Fire in different functions have been given in Rigveda sections 3/3/6 to 11 in the Jagati meter of God Agni by the Sage Vishwamitra. The properties of this substance together with electricity are described in the meter Gayatri of God Indra and Agni in sections 3/12/1 to 6 of Rigveda. Sage Vamadeva has also described theories about this substance in meter Trishtupa and Pankti of God Indra in Rigveda sections 4/11/11 to 15.

The use of this substance in the science of war and astronomy has been described in Rigveda sections 4/38/9 in the meter Trishtupa of God Dadhika.

The connection of this substance with the science of wind has been explained by Sage Kanva in Rigveda sections 8/41/6 in Jagati meter of God wind. Sage Kashyapa has described the features and properties of this substance in Rigveda 9/64/26 in the hymns of God Pavamana Soma in meter Gayatri.

The characteristics of this substance have also been given by Sage Vrishagano Vamishtha in the trishtupa meter of Gid Pavamana Soma of Rigveda sections 9/91/9.

Virupa sage Parameshti Prajapatihas described the properties of this substance alongwith the science of fire and the theories developed there in the sky in the hymns in Rigveda 13/38 to 46.

Sage Swastratreya has explained the quality, work and action theories of this substance in connection with the fire in the hymns in Yajurveda 21/29 to 40 through chants of God Ashwodaya.

Theories about the substance Joot are also found in the 61st hymn of Yajurveda 21/48.

In Atharvaveda 12/1/58 Sage Atharva has given knowledge about "Jooti" Substances in form of theories in the Trishtupa meter of God Bhoomi.

The qualities of Jootam together with the science of sun are explained in Atharvaveda 13/2/25 in Anup meter of Adhyatma Rohita Aditya Devatyam Devata by Sage Brahmarva.

Theorems of knowledge of light have been applied to this substance in Atharvaveda 19/58/1 in meter Trishtupa of God Yama and Vahake.

In the hymns in Atharvaveda 20/11/2 Sage Vishwamitara has explained theorems about this substance in connection with electrical science in the meter Trishtupa of God Indra. This also has reference in Rigveda 3/34/1, Yajurveda 33/26 and Taitariya Brahmin 2/4/3/3

This only shows that there is a big treasure of knowledge in the Vedas. Vedas can bring about an overall upliftment and development of the society as a whole by the education, publicity, expansion and research of Vedic literature and take the science to its highest point. This proves the point that Vedas-the rule book of the Aryan society-contain true knowledge. This throws light on the visionary thoughts of Maharshi Saraswati Dayananda. He has designed the rules for Aryan society with great vision.

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