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 Title : The Suryadevata in Vedas and Science of Sun Author : Pralhad Swarup Arya

The sun exists from the time before the evolution of the universe (nature ). Because without the sun, the system of year, and the different seasons is not possible at all. The life of the flowers, the fruits, the plants, the food and the life of the animals/creatures living on them, also depends totally on those things. The speech on the sun god is given by the maharshi Yask, is as follows - “ “. (Nighantu 5/6). The purpose of the suryalok is to produce an impulse by his own light. The sun's prime good thing is to glow / shine & to help for food.

Varchaha-means the food (Nighantu 2/7). The food is the only support of the animals / humans / creatures life. So , according to the Yajurveda's mantra” ----------”The total world is maintained by the light & the food. We can see many different works carried out by the heat & the working of the many useful machines / instruments is done by the transformation of the hear. We cn get more & more scientific knowledge from the sun, when we will take more & more interest in the sun. Mostly, we can see the only one sun. But in this universe there are many suns. Regarding them the Vedas & the Brahman Granthas shows light / refers / speaks. The composer of the Teittaria Aranyaka got the knowledge of eight surya's.

There are following 8 surya's :-

Aarog, Brahaj, patar, pantara, Swanar, Jyotishman, Vibhas ( These are the seven Surya's) Kashap ( This is the 8 th Surya).

The sun given / donates his rays for all purpose / things. In Vedas Above

mentioned / referred description of all the surya's is given on the proper places. The animals / creatures get the life growth / increase by the secretion of the Juices, semen & emotional phases. In the plants the special process of making food preparation (nourishment) is done by the sun's help. First of all the seeds embrayo is formed, then the sprout, the root, the stem, the branches are formed. Then again the leafs, (leaves) the flowers are formed. And then, according to the time that thing gets proper state / stage. In this nature every moment there is change according to the time. The vibration in the metal goes on in very short time , which is the second / divided by the 1 Lacs. ( 1 sec / 1 Lacs). It depends on the sun, to form the year-month-fort-night (waxingmoon / fullmoon) day, hours & seasons increasing from short time. This time flow goes on flowing like the river forever. The long period of time & the short period of time are going From age to age.

The sun's rays are thriving & undoubted. Their work has been set / controlled by the God. The man goes on producing, the consumable things, which are in his part / share by the cycle system of the seasons on the earth.

The suns rays by mixing with the Earth's water changes them (changes their state) at that time , that water becomes like the cloud & goes up by the smoke, light & wind (air) Again forms like the cloud by doing proper process according to the heat chain of the sun's rays.

“ “ (Taittaria Aranyaka 1/8/3).

In the water there is entered the time cycle which is under the sun's control. The water gets transferred in the form of the cloud . And the hydro-power manifesting water is also carried out by the sun only. So we can see that, the rainy season's cycle is controlled by the sun. the temperature in the sun is billion Crores. This heat is created by the splitting on the many gas molecules. The sun is doing his prime act of controlling the water, the earth & the sky by effect of his amazing great heat. Every moment there is change in all those solid things, liquids & gases on the earth by the sun's power only. By the scientific invention the Uranium metal is slowly changed in to the lead. The conclusion is that the highly priced metals are also diminished by precious time span & forms normal state.

Regarding the sun God many chants / Ruchas , which explain its importance. E.g. Rugveda's following chant, which belongs to Atri Rushi & Surya Devta, swarat chhanada. “ “ (Rug 5/40/5). The electricity remains secret in the form of the dark. But it is exposed, when it is processed by the friction, which generates power should be created by the experiments of the scientific knowledge. The fool can't understand the astronomical mathematics. But with the help of the sun's rays the genius man bravely understand the science of zodiac

signs – planets-Nakashatras & the Mandals of the Gods. By the help of the Roadtation Movement (speed) by understanding the astrology, the man can invent many scientific studies / knowledgeable sciences.

The chant, regarding that , there is the existence of the VASIJ'S “ “

The sun is the protector of the all. He exhibits the day. Full of heart / light energy in the help of the universe. He creates the atmosphere for all the people, to manage for children wealth & food. He remains in the helping form, to carry on the cycle of the universe. How this formation by the God is genius & amazing. The sun's formed time cycle, goes on producing, the sources of pleasures, by holding the new stages . The sun's prime role is to produce the food & medicines etc. on the proper time. The chant related to this is as following .

“ “ (Rugveda 5-42-2).

The person who gets the sources of living, according to his fate, that is only on this earth, which is with the help of the sun only. In some pleces there is some food, in another place there are special fruits, in some places there is great heat and on the other side there is very cold, in some other place. On one side there is ugly person and on the other side there is extreme beauty. On the one side there is desert and on the other side there is there is green filed. By firmly standing like the pillar, the Stable fixed sun, by his effective strength, goes on flowing the time cycle like the river.

The structure of the formation of the sun “ “ (Rugveda 5/45/9.10)

The sun carries seven (elements) horses (shvaen=movable) padnamsu Nighumtu means the molecules which moves around the orbit are in it. ( He) alone shines the earth. Like the best owner (donor) goes on producing the food, in the best way. By rising up the sea water, her helps in sending it to the proper place according to the system of the God.

Following chant is related with the rising sun “ “ (Rugveda 5/54/9.10).

In the morning time the sun's light (rays) mixed with the air, looks like the golden luster which gives the pleasurable peace & health. Those people we get up before the sunrise are stout / strong (healthy) & fat like the horse.

That country (nation) & society will definitely (surely) became rich in which there are no lazy people. The God goes on giving the pleasure & facilities, every moment to the man. But the character less people goes on the way of the destruction, instead of the progress. If the human society is full of good behavior, then there will be the government / kingdom of pleasure & the richness.

The Rugveda's chant “ “ (Rugveda – 5/59/3).

Like the rays of the sun, the man should go on helping other, while doing his own progress. The genius people went on enlighting / exposing / publishing knowledge / science / technology, due to which the knowledgeble eyes of man remain opened. It should give them the increase of the wealth. The mitra – Varun devata remains creative (active) like the pran & Apan with the help of the sun's rays, they help wind (air) to transfer the particles of humid air (cloud) from one place to another. The chant “ “ (Rugveda – 5/63/4).

With the help of the sun's rays the Mitra Varun, gives amazing fight with the cloud (breaking) & drives them in different by them in small / micro parts. By the water particles (humidity), there is miraculous vibration movement the rain starts like the honey, on the earth. By growth of plants & creatures is formed. Time to time poisnoun things are also formed to destroy them, the sun 'srays', strongly breaks them & makes the atmosphere pure “ “ (Rugveda 6/4/6) with the help of the rays which are having special light the sun clears all the defective (stages) spots, from all the places. These rays are strong like the sword / weapon, which are called mysterious & amazing. The man should be also , helpful in keeping the earth unspoiled & polluted by following the way of the sun's nature of helping others. It is the suggestion of the very much helpful , in giving increase of the strength, to us which is as follows “ “ (Rugveda – 6/48/21).

The sun moves all around, to do the best work with the help of his bright rays. He Creates the power. The people who carry out the holy rituals of fire sacrifices become winner, gets victory everywhere by accepting power, to defeat the enemies.

For we the Indians, it is necessary to bring the precious knowledge of the Vedas not only to perform the prayers / praise but to be used in the daily routine business. Still, in that, we have keep open the doors of Science progress & to expand the new sources of living, well fare & other progress also. Due to which we should never have to beg, from the foreign powers. We are going ahead on progress. We will go on progressing ahead & we will make our nation, to stand in the best top rank, with the shine (Fame) of the Vedas knowledge , let us do it with the best firm dedication.

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