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 Title : The status of women in vedas Author : Shir Rameshchandra Pathak

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Vedas are the only scriptures in the whole universe where the woman is given a respectable position. In the eighth chapter of Yajurveda it is said in a hymn that hey woman you are adorable with eleven adjectives attached to you. You are intelligent, you are beautiful, you are Aghniya, Havya, Kamya. You are so pleasant, You are Mahi and Aditi too, you are Jyoti and you are Saraswati. These words tell your glory. In Atharvaveda three disciplines about women are mentioned. In Samveda and Rigveda also three ideals about women are mentioned.
"Adha Pashyaswa, Mopari Santaram Padakau Har |
Ma Te Kashaplakaun Drushan Shtrihi Brahma Babhuvith ||"

Hey woman, you always keep a low vision. Never have an eye contact with men. Walk seriously and cover all the organs of your body. Your status in the family is an important as that of Lord Brahma in the Yadnya. Sage Kunad has glorified women. In Yajurveda the eleven adjectives are in glorification of the woman. The body is active with the help of five sense organs and five functional organs. Only a woman possesses the eleventh power of organ of bearing a child. She is made capable with eleven organs. The woman suffers from menstrual trouble for six months out of the twelve months. In Ayurveda it is mentioned that the woman should remain careful during her menstrual cycle. The woman should stay away from sleeping during the day applying kajal in her eyes, from extreme laughing and crying, from oil massage, from eating non-vegetarian food and from eating food which is intoxicating. If she does not follow these things it can prove to be dangerous to her progeny.
"Diwa-Swapat Swapna-Shilaha Anjanat Andhaharodanat
Vikrutdrushthihi Tailabhyangat Kushtihi Atihasnat
Shyavadantoshthatalujivaha Pralapi Cha ||

Thus the nature of a woman's duty of vigilant. She is very tolerant. She stays mostly in the house. But what is a house? A house without a woman appears dreadful. The woman makes a house happy and a paradise for people living in it. The present days are called as scientific age. Knowledge is bigger than ignorance and science is superior to knowledge, conduct is superior to science and truth is superior to conduct and the world moves on the concept called truth.
"Adnyanadnyanan Dnyanadwadnyanan Vidnyanad Vyavharaha
Vyavharat Tu Satyatyopatatihi |"

We insult the Brahma who is more powerful than us, who is the centre of energy for us. People calling names to women and saying that women are fools do not realize how petty minded they are.

Men are equipped with ten organs. But the woman is characterized by the eleventh organ, so she is more sensitive than men. In Manusmruti it is said that Vipasha, Mrujalika and Amba, these woman sages were scholars of Vedic hymns. A Hindi poet has said about women that she is religious, observant, extremely strict and emotional.
"Sanskrut Hanumannashtak Me Kavi Kahate Hain
Ullanghya Sindhoho Salilam Salilam Yaha Shokavanhim
Aday Tenaiva Dadah Lankam || Namami Tam Pranjaliranjaneyam ||

Men feel attracted towards women and at the same time feel indifferent towards women. The relationship of a married man and woman is essential for bearing children. Goddess Anjani gave birth to Shri Hanuman. Hanuman was sought after for help in Ramayana. A Sanskrit Poet salutes Shri Hanuman who burnt Lanka to save Sita. A stone idol of Hanuman has been brought to Delhi. This sculpture was being made by a sculptor in Mangalore for the past five to six years. Lakhs of rupees have been spent to bring it to Delhi. Presently, that carvers are busy working on the eyes of that sculpture. It was Mother Anjani's power which bore the child for nine months and brought into the world a powerful and charming Shri Hanuman, who inspired the world to do things.

The woman is revolting against the practice of dowry, she is being tortured by men.

A person lived in Badayun. He offered all his possessions to her daughter in marriage in the form of dowry. A month after marriage this daughter died of a heart attack. The in-laws then told this person that the daughter never took any food, but she only went on writing something. She used to write in Urdu, which the in-laws did not understand. When the person read what his daughter had written he was in grief. The daughter had written "I have brought all possessions with me, I have not left anything behind for my parents, how will they survive now?

The person started crying. The in-laws told him that all the possession are intact and he can take them with him. But the sad father was in no mood to think about the possessions as he had lost his precious daughter. The woman live a dreadful life.

It has to be seen if in this scientific world whether a woman of Vedic idealism comes into being. Today progress actually means degradation.

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